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Northern California French Bulldog Club
Breeder Referral Program

Kathy O’Dea

The following is a list of Northern California French Bulldog Club members who occasionally have puppies available for sale. These members have paid a fee and signed a “Code of Ethics” in order to participate in this program. In doing so, they have agreed to be available to speak with people interested in French Bulldogs and offer information about the breed as well as their own breeding programs.
The NCFBC does not recommend or endorse these breeders. If you choose to use this list, you are agreeing that any transaction that may occur between you and any breeder on this list is strictly between you and that individual. Being a member of the NCFBC and participating in the Breeder Referral Program does not bring any guarantees to a purchase agreement that may take place. The NCFBC will not be held responsible for any conflict that may occur, and by use of this list you expressly agree that you release the NCFBC from any and all claims and waive any and all damages, liabilities and expenses.We strongly urge that any persons interested in French Bulldogs take the time to learn about the breed before contacting a breeder. Breed information is provided in other areas of this website as well as on the national club website, The French Bull Dog Club of America, at You can also find information about the breed by visiting the American Kennel Club website at: Special attention should be paid to the breed standard, which clearly states what characteristics are desirable and which are not acceptable and are considered disqualifications by AKC and FBDCA. Reputable breeders will not engage in the breeding or selling of dogs with disqualifying characteristics and that includes offering for sale at inflated prices, dogs with the so- called “rare” coat colors of blue, chocolate, liver, mouse or black and tan. We recommend that you seek out breeders who only breed to the accepted breed standard and that you educate yourself about the breed standard as well as possible health issues associated with this breed before you look for a puppy. A reputable breeder will also be just as concerned about the home the puppy is going to as you are about which puppy to buy and will continue to mentor you long after the purchase is made.

Members who apply to participate in the NCFBC Breeder Referral Program do so with the understanding that there will be an annual review by the NCFBC board to assure they have not been in violation of the Constitution and By Laws and the code of ethics under which the club expects its members to conduct themselves. Those in good standing are allowed to display the following logo on their websites indicating the year in which they initially applied for participation in the Breeder Referral program.






Participating Members:

Jacquie Duran
VonDuran Frenchies

Arron Smith
Palazzo Frenchies
American Canyon CA

Stacy Pettygrew Lickess, DVM

Rodney Rosario
Stormy Mountain Frenchies
Santa Rosa CA

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