OBJECTIVE: Our hope is that we can encourage people to contribute to the club through this program so we can support not only events where members and friends of French Bulldogs can have fun, but also start hosting seminars and health clinics where we can bring Frenchie enthusiasts  together with veterinary care professionals and address some of the issues we face in our breed. We believe the health and welfare of the dogs is utmost and would like to be an important facet in educating owners and potential owners about known health problems. Hopefully, this would also give owners a chance to exchange their own experiences with their dogs which would provide another avenue where we can learn from each other.
NCFBC is now offering a program for club sponsorships. This is open to businesses and individuals and will be on a yearly basis. Our board of directors has established different levels of sponsorships. All donations will go into the club’s general fund for use in the above described "Objectives".

All levels of sponsors will be first published in our bi-monthly newsletter and will be noted in our show catalog. All Sponsors will receive a certificate that can be framed for hanging that will show they have contributed to NCFBC by becoming a sponsor for the year.
Silver Sponsor Sponsor Level: $25 to $100
Gold Sponsor Sponsor Level: $101 to $200
Platinum Sponsor Sponsor Level: $201 and up
Instructions: Click the PayPal cart button. In the quantity area, enter the number of dollars to contribute. Eg. Quantity [60] x $1 increments = $60 = SILVER sponsorship.
During your NCFBC cart checkout experience, at the bottom of the page, you will see a text block labeled "Enter Class and Comments".
1. Please enter the EXACT Sponsor's Name.
2. Please enter SILVER, GOLD, or PLATINUM to
indicate your level of participation.
3. Please enter any comment you might like to attach.
"Thank You". Your Sponsorships will allow NCFBC to become more active on health care, events, and general related NCFBC activities. Sponsorships will be noted below for all visitors to appreciate your contributions to NCFBC.
Platinum Sponsor    
PLUS Linda & Patrick Mcgowan and "Pie Ala Mode"  
PLUS Arlie Amarie Alford Kennel LeBull. The French Bullytin
  Michael & Virginia Hearne Globe and Anchor Bulldogs and French Bulldogs
  Luca Carbone Jaguar Kennels
  Heidi and Angel Valenzuela Sequoia Kennels
  Luke and Naniece Bucci Scraps Dog Company
  Jackie Drucker  
Gold Sponsor  
  Lee and Susan Bunyard  
  Susan Cunningham  
  Norma Loewen  
  Patty Locktov  
Silver Sponsor    
  Dona Mora  
  Beverly Gariano Caltra
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